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Should You File a Failure to Hire Lawsuit?

What is a Failure to Hire Lawsuit?

If you’re searching for a job you already know how stressful the experience is even under the best of circumstances. The lucky ones who manage to land their dream job after just a few interviews still must deal with stress, uncertainty, and uncomfortable or awkward situations.

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Have You Been Asked to Resign? Think Before Taking Any Action!

We’ve all seen the headlines – a well-known public figure resigns from his or her job instead of being fired. In many cases, their employers had every intention of severing their business relationship, but they decided to let the employee save face. A few examples include high-ranking government officials, professional sports front office staff, and big company CEOs that have gained some notoriety and fame. The offer to resign is a professional courtesy to save the person embarrassment and humiliation in the public eye.

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