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New York City Council Amends Fair Workweek Law

Calendar change

The New York City Council recently amended the Fair Workweek Law, effective July 18, 2018, to allow employees to make two temporary schedule changes each calendar year for personal events. Qualifying personal events include: care for a child under 18, care for a household member who depends on the employee for medical care or the needs of daily living, legal proceedings involving a family member, or any reason that an employee may use leave under the NYC Paid Sick Leave Law.

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Sexual Harassment Laws Expanded


In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the New York State Legislature and New York City Council have enacted broad expansions to the laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. As these laws take effect, it is important to note how your legal rights may have changed. Below is an overview of many of the significant changes that are, or will be, taking effect:

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