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Can I Be Fired for Political Activities?

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Getting Fired because of Politics

It is an election year, and primary season is upon us in New York. People across the state are becoming increasingly active in campaigning for the candidates that share their political beliefs, and are eager to engage with their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to promote candidates and platforms that align with the principles they believe to be most important in day to day life. It could be that there is a hot button issue you believe strongly about, or a candidate for local or federal office that represents your values, and you want to get involved and support that candidate or platform. Participation in the political process is a core American value, one that this country was founded upon.

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Can I Be Fired for Expressing a Political Opinion?

If you’ve grown weary of seeing political posts when you sign onto social media you are not alone. Many people have abandoned their social media accounts or limit their use simply because they are overwhelmed with the content featured by their friends and family.

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