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Employee Stops Paying Union Dues on Religious Grounds, Files Suit

An employee stops paying union dues on religious grounds and files s suit against the employer

In states that allow union security (also called agency shop) agreements in the private sector, New York being one of them, workers who are not members of the union in their workplace are required at minimum to pay agency fees to the union to cover the costs of collective-bargaining, grievance adjustment, and contract administration (in other words, any service related to the terms and conditions of employment).

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Are Atheists Protected from Religious Discrimination in the Workplace?

Atheism and Religous Discrimination in the Workplace

Most people know they are entitled to protection from religious discrimination in the workplace, but what if you don’t practice a religion? Do any of the current laws against discrimination in the workplace protect you if you are a non-believer?

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What You Should Know about Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Religious freedom is protected under the US Constitution, as well as several state and federal laws that protect against specific actions in the workplace that could constitute religious discrimination. This means that anyone who feels attacked, targeted, or treated differently because of his or her religion has the right to take legal action against his or her employer. If you suspect you are a victim of religious discrimination in the workplace, what do you need to know?

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