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When Does Workplace Harassment become Serious Enough to Report?

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Report Workplace Harassment

A variety of things occur in workplaces across the country every day that might be questionable, but not all of them are breaking any laws. Many of these occurrences aren’t even unethical or warrant filing a report with human resources – they’re simply things that get on your nerves or make you wish you were employed elsewhere or better yet, independently wealthy. The laws governing workplace conduct are not general civility codes and are limited to protecting individuals from specific illegal conduct.

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How to Deal with Bullying in the Workplace

Inappropriate behavior in the workplace has been a hot topic in the news lately, but calling attention to the trend can only go so far when it comes to your own personal situation.

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What’s the Difference between Harassment and Workplace Violence?

Problems in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, there are times when workplace issues are so severe they are illegal. This is the case with violent actions and certain types of harassment. If you are being touched in the workplace – violently or sexually – or you are being discriminated against based on your status in a protected class, you have a right to take legal action.

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