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General Employment Law Page 30

Laws regarding use of marijuana are changing, but does that mean employee policies regarding marijuana use must also change? In most cases, the answer is no, which means regardless whether or not it is legal to use marijuana in your state, you still need to be aware of your employer’s policies and understand using the […]

New Collective Employment Law Action filed in the Southern District of New York Miguel Hernandez, et al v. Highgate Hotels, L.P., and Highgate Holdings, Inc., and Park Central Hotel, LLC, and Mahmood Khimji, individually, and Mehdi Khimji, individually,Case No. Case 1:15-cv-08144-JGK On October 14, 2015, Lead Plaintiff Miguel Hernandez, on behalf of himself and those […]

Trends in the workplace, like anywhere else, tend to come and go. Anyone who has been a part of the workforce long enough knows there is a tendency to jump on the latest and greatest workplace innovation, no matter how silly or inefficient it might seem to employees. Workplace trends are normally harmless, no matter […]

We’ve all seen the headlines – a well-known public figure resigns from his or her job instead of being fired. In many cases, their employers had every intention of severing their business relationship, but they decided to let the employee save face. A few examples include high-ranking government officials, professional sports front office staff, and […]

There are many things your employer can ask of you, but is living in a certain location one of them? Maybe. There are instances in which an employer can base hiring and firing decisions on where an employee lives, with a few exceptions. Employers view employees with a long commute as risky, with good reason. […]

If it seems as if employers can get away with a lot these days, that’s because it’s the truth. Finding a job is tough in an economy with ongoing struggles and once you find one it is important to do what you can to keep it. Unfortunately, that could mean occasionally dealing with some unpleasant […]

Breaks are often a contested issue in the workplace – so much so that many states have created laws governing how employers must schedule employees. Many employee unions also make breaks a priority when negotiating their contracts. What do you need to know about lunch breaks and other breaks throughout your work day? Employers are […]

Injuries on the job can happen regardless of where you work, but they are more common in some industries than others. Unless you have already been unfortunate enough to deal with a workplace injury, you might have no idea what to do when one occurs. The best thing you can do if you are injured […]

Depending on where you work, there is a chance you will be asked to attend an event during non-work hours. This sometimes happens during the holiday season, when companies reward employees for a year of work well done, but it can also take place any time throughout the year, especially if the company is trying […]

There have been a lot of recent public discussions concerning equal pay for equal work and other laws regarding employment discrimination based on gender. Employers must pay men and women the same wages or salary if they are equally qualified and doing the same work. This does not mean they must have the job title, […]


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