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General Employment Law

disabled workers

Are you wondering what rights you have if you have a disability? Can an employer refuse to hire someone with a disability or terminate an employee who develops a disability once they’re employed? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in the workplace. This includes job applicants, current employees, […]

sexual harassment claim

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious problem that has a lasting impact on victims. If you are dealing with sexual harassment at your job, you may be considering filing a claim against your employer. There are some things you can do to strengthen it to give your claim the best chance of success. […]

NYPD Marijuana Policies

Since 2016, marijuana use in New York has been legal for limited medical purposes.  In 2021, following legislation signed into law by the outgoing Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York — the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (“MRTA”) — became the 15th state, along with the District of Colombia, to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  According […]

Richards v. O.B.’S Bakery Inc. d/b/a OB’s Bakery, and Restaurant, and OB’s Express, Ltd., d/b/a OB’s Express, and Omar Dickens individually, Civil Case No.: 22-cv-00711 Lead Plaintiff, Mr. Richards, on behalf of himself, individually, and on behalf of all others similarly-situated, filed a collective action lawsuit in the United States District Court Eastern District of […]

New Action filed in the United States Eastern District of New York Garcia et. al. v. Frensco Building Products Corp., and Frensco Inc, and Daniel Phua individually Docket No.: 22-cv-3358 On June 7, 2022, Plaintiff Garcia, on behalf of himself, individually, and on behalf of all others similarly-situated, (collectively as “FLSA Plaintiffs,” as this term […]

Most people understand a superintendent to be a person who assists with the maintenance of a building and apartment needs of the tenants in the building. However, under the Minimum Wage Order for the Building Service Industry or Section 141-3.4 of the New York Codes, Rules, and Regulation (“NYCRR”), such a person is defined as […]

New Action filed in the United States Southern District of New York Alvarado et. al. v. Juan de la Cruz, individually, d/b/a United Landscaping Pro Docket No.: 22-cv-6509  On August 1, 2022, Plaintiff Alvarado, on behalf of himself, individually, and on behalf of all others similarly-situated, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court […]

workplace sexual harassment

Are you dealing with workplace sexual harassment? Here’s what you need to know: Know Your Rights Victims of workplace sexual harassment must know their rights. The laws governing workplace harassment can be complicated. The best thing you can do is learn what is and is not permitted before you’re faced with a problem. Talk to […]

job applicant rights

As a job applicant, you have certain rights under federal and state laws. These laws protect you from discrimination in the hiring process and ensure that you are treated fairly. Here are some of the most important things to know about your rights as a job applicant: Protection Against Discrimination Federal and state laws prohibit […]

hairstyle discrimination

When it comes to hairstyle discrimination, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, discrimination based on hairstyle is illegal in some places. This means that if you feel you were treated unfairly or harassed because of your hairstyle, you may have legal recourse. Additionally, it is important to be aware of […]


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