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Harrassment attorneys in New York

In an effort to spread the word and educate employees about their protections under the city’s Human Rights Law, New York has launched a print advertising campaign concerning the law. The ad campaign is an effort to educate workers in the city about their rights and includes more than 2000 placards located in subways and […]

Problems in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, there are times when workplace issues are so severe they are illegal. This is the case with violent actions and certain types of harassment. If you are being touched in the workplace – violently or sexually – or you are being discriminated against based […]

Sexual harassment can be one of the most devastating experiences to have in the workplace. In addition to making it difficult to perform your job duties, you also might feel as if your personal safety is under attack. The good news is you have a right to protect yourself and take legal action regarding sexual […]

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. It is a type of sex discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is not something any employee should be forced to accept or tolerate, nor is it a “part of the job” or “the price of getting ahead.” Both men […]

Sexual harassment issues at work can be some of the most difficult and challenging to deal with. In addition to facing a work environment that makes you uncomfortable – and in some cases downright frightened – you also need to worry about your professional reputation. Sadly and all too often, victims of sexual harassment are […]

Sexual harassment occurs more frequently than employers like to admit, but it is one of the most difficult accusations for an employee to prove. In many instances of sexual harassment, there are only two people present when the event occurs. This means cases are often an issue of “he said she said,” which puts both […]

What Should I Do About an Abusive Client?

If you are abused in the workplace you have a right to take action. If a co-worker or supervisor says or does something inappropriate, your employer is responsible for disciplining that person and taking action to make your work environment non-threatening. If the abuse continues, you can pursue legal action against the company. But what […]

What Should You Do If Your Boss is Abusive?

Most people have occasional issues with their bosses, but sometimes, these issues cross the line into abusive situations. Employees must put up with a lot in the workplace, but when things become downright abusive, it is time to speak up. Employment laws are designed to protect employees from certain kinds of abuse and if you […]

Sexual harassment is one of the most difficult charges to prove. In many cases, events occur when only two people – the victim and the harasser – are present and it ends up being a case of your word against theirs. Despite the challenge you face when it comes to proving the harassment, it is […]

Working for a small company has its advantages – things are sometimes more laid back, you feel like a person instead of just a number, and you often form close personal bonds with your co-workers. Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks to working for a small company. In addition to the reduced benefits and lack of […]


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