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Reasons to hire an employment lawyer. When you need an attorney, you want someone who has experience dealing with the laws that affect your situation the most. This is true all the time, but it’s especially true when your legal issue has to do with the workplace. Working with an employment lawyer means someone will […]

Is Your Boss Harassing You?

Boss screaming at employee

Employment Law – Harassment by your Boss If you are harassed by a co-worker, you speak to your boss or the human resources department about it. But what if it’s your boss who is harassing you? You might not feel as comfortable speaking up and reporting it. It’s illegal for your supervisor anyone in your […]


Sexual Harassment Reporting If you’ve been harassed in the workplace but decided not to report the incident, you aren’t alone. It’s impossible to know exactly how common sexual harassment is because so many people fail to speak out. Even in workplace environments where people make safety and personal comfort a priority, sexual harassment goes underreported. […]

Employer Liability for Treatment of Employees by Customers Most jobs involve interaction with people other than your co-workers. Whether you work in an industry with customers or you are responsible for meeting the needs of clients, just about everyone with a job has to deal with people in one way or another. Customers and clients […]

NBC Universal once again finds itself entangled in another employment scandal after actress Gabrielle Union was dropped as a judge on the show, America’s Got Talent, amid complaints of racism and an unsafe workplace. According to reports, NBC fired Union – a known advocate for minority communities – because she spoke out about the toxic […]

Report Workplace Harassment A variety of things occur in workplaces across the country every day that might be questionable, but not all of them are breaking any laws. Many of these occurrences aren’t even unethical or warrant filing a report with human resources – they’re simply things that get on your nerves or make you […]

What is “Constructive Termination” Employees suffering from illegal discrimination and/or retaliation at work are often fired from their job as the culmination of a series of adverse actions taken against them. However, what if there is such a strong hostile work environment rife with discrimination and retaliation that causes an employee to want to quit […]

The New York State Division of Human Rights (“NYSDHR”) released the final version of the new sexual harassment policy, along with training guidelines, on October 1, 2018 and the new, updated policy took effect on October 9, 2018. The final policy contains some changes from the earlier proposed version, most notable however, is that employers […]


In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the New York State Legislature and New York City Council have enacted broad expansions to the laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. As these laws take effect, it is important to note how your legal rights may have changed. Below is an overview of many of the […]

New Collective Action filed in the Eastern District of New York Alvarado and Alvarado v. 2000 Auto Sales, Inc. d/b/a Smith Haven Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, and Chris Markakis, individually Case No.: 2:18-cv-02370 On April 23, 2018, Plaintiffs filed a civil action against their employer, 2000 Auto Sales Inc. d/b/a Smith Haven Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram […]


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