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Employment Breaks and Workday Hours Workers in New York City are protected by employment laws that address work hours and breaks during the workday. Some employees are legally entitled to breaks and in some cases, those breaks must be a specific length of time. What are three of the most common questions asked about breaks […]

New York Job Safety for Domestic Violence Survivors New York recently implemented additional job protection for survivors of domestic violence. The new law and took effect in November 2019. It expands employment protection for those who are dealing with issues related to domestic violence and amends the existing law that is part of New York […]

bakery worker wearing protective gear

Returning to Work as Businesses Reopen in New York As New York State begins to permit many non-essential businesses to reopen after months shut down to flatten the COVID-19 pandemic’s curve, many employees may fear returning to work amidst the on-going pandemic.  However, there are certain precautions an employer can take to attempt to ensure […]

COVID-19 is changing employment law Over the last two months, the COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously impacted life as we know it. In particular, the pandemic has caused economic uncertainty and has forced state governments to issue stay-at-home orders, forcing businesses to furlough and/or lay off millions of employees. However, employees that have been laid off […]

Most of us can imagine it in our heads – construction workers sitting on the side of the road digging into their lunch pails, or people in business suits heading out to grab a bite of something nearby, enjoying the sun before returning to finish the workday. It’s a scene that plays out in offices […]

What You Need to Know about OSHA

OSHA, which stands for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, is responsible for overseeing safety and health in the workplace. The organization has a number of rules and regulations focused on creating and maintaining a safe work environment. The agency is concerned about both the physical and emotional well-being of our US employees. As an […]


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