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Trump Executive Orders Crack Down On Federal Unions

employee rightsIn May 2018, President Trump issued three executive orders that will no longer allow unions to have rent-free office space in government buildings and also eliminate pay for union representatives for representing employees in grievance and discipline proceedings. These executive orders were held up in court after the AFL-CIO filed suit in the District Court of the District of Columbia and temporarily succeeded in obtaining an injunction, but the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the injunction on appeal.

Last month, the federal government began the process of issuing eviction notices to unions representing federal employees that have office space in government buildings. This executive order is being rolled out in all federal departments and offices, but the timelines for each vary. For instance, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has given unions until January 10, 2020 to decide whether to stay and pay rent or move out by the end of the month.

Furthermore, union representatives will also now be required to spend 75% of their time on official government business or mandatory training, which does not include any union activity whatsoever.

If you feel that you are being retaliated against at work for engaging in union activity, or have any questions about proper union representation, please contact New York employment law attorneys Borrelli & Associates, P.L.L.C. immediately to schedule a consultation.


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