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Dorothy Greco v. Allen Natow, M.D., et al, Case No. 2:14-cv-04222

New Collective Action in the Eastern District Of New York

Dorothy Greco v. Allen Natow, M.D., et al, Case No. 2:14-cv-04222

On July 9, 2014, Lead Plaintiff Dorothy Greco on behalf of herself and those similarly situated filed a class and collective action lawsuit in United States District Court – Eastern District of New York vs. Allen Natow, M.D., Irene Rosenberg, M.D., Ira Pion, M.D., P.C., and Dr. Allen J. Natow, Dr. Irene Elene Rosenberg and Dr. Ira Arthur Pion, individually. Lead Plaintiff Ms. Greco worked for Defendants as a medical assistant from August 2007 through December 2013. Plaintiff alleges that she worked an average of thirty-seven and one-half hour per week, but she worked in excess of forty hours per week at least twice a month. Instead of properly paying her time-and-a-half for each hour she worked over forty hours per week, Defendants would combine the hours she worked for two weeks and then paid her overtime wages for the hours she worked over eighty hours. For example, in a two-week span where Plaintiff worked forty-five and forty-three minutes in week one and thirty-five hours and four minutes in week two, Defendants did not pay her overtime for the additional five hours and forty-seven minutes she worked in week one. Instead, Defendants combined her hours for both weeks and paid time and a half only for the hours she worked in excess of eighty hours, which was forty-five minutes and cheated her out of her overtime pay for five hours and forty-five minutes in violation of New York Labor Law, New York Compensation Codes Rules and Regulations and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Additionally and in further violation of the laws stated above, Defendants failed to pay proper minimum wages because they made a policy stating they would not pay their employees if they improperly clocked in or out so there were days Plaintiff worked eleven-hour shifts, but Defendants refused to pay her at all because she forgot to clock out. If any person worked for the physicians or medical practices named in the lawsuit during the time period of July 9, 2008 – July 9, 2014 or has information that may be relevant to this case, contact our New York employment law firm as soon as possible through our website. Alternatively you can contact us via either of our phone numbers: (516) 248 - 5550, (516) ABOGADO, and (212) 679 - 5000.

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