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Firm Negotiates $108,500 Settlement for Class of Laundromat Workers

nextDey and Abesamis, et al. v. Next Cleaners NY1, LLC, and Next Cleaners, LLC, and Next At 808 Columbus, Inc., and Kam Saifi, individually, and George Inakavadze, individually, and Alekey Berezov, individually, Case No: 17-cv-2049, Southern District of New York

$108,500.00 – Improper Payment of Overtime Case - Firm represented a class of laundry bicycle delivery drivers and store clerks against their former employer - a chain of laundromats/dry cleaners throughout New York City and New Jersey. Plaintiffs asserted that they were required to work for Defendants in excess of forty hours each week between July 2014 and Mach 2017. However, Defendants allegedly paid Plaintiffs only for the first forty hours worked each week and nothing additional for any hours worked beyond forty throughout their employment. Thus, Defendants violated Plaintiffs’ rights guaranteed to them by the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to compensate Plaintiffs at any rate, let alone at the statutorily-required rate of time and one-half their hourly rates of pay for all overtime hours worked. After negotiation, the case concluded in a settlement in the amount of $108,500.00 to resolve each of the Plaintiff’s claims. Michael J. Borrelli, Alexander T. Coleman, and Michael R. Minkoff handled the matter on behalf of the Firm.

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